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Christmas Special

December 6, 2009

Buy any of my Zazzle products with the BoardFeet graphic, and get the BoardFeet iPhone app for free!

Or, you can just go straight to iTunes, and find out that BoardFeet is a free app. No purchases or coupons required.

Have a Merry Christmas.


The BoardFeet Graphic now available on T-Shirts, Mugs, & What-nots

October 22, 2009

Custom merchandise now available at my Zazzle Store. You can select the graphic with one of my pre-made captions. Or create your own caption. Take a look.

Paratime Products at Zazzle

BoardFeet app at iTunes

October 20, 2009

oldsaw_icon_200BoardFeet is an app for the iPhone/iPod that will calculate board-feet.

The clean interface makes it quick and easy to use. Enter the length, width, and thickness of a board, and press “Done” to find out how many board-feet it is.

This calculator is unique because it accepts dimensions in fractions of an inch. You don’t have to convert to decimal before using it. In fact, it can be used as a fraction-to-decimal convert, because all dimensions entered are displayed in both formats.


  • enter dimensions in fractions, instead of decimal
  • no limit to sizes accepted because it uses the keypad, not a spinner
  • can be used as a fraction-to-decimal converter


  • enter price and tax rate for cost calculation
  • calculation history

Please feel free to tell me about any problems, suggestions, or other comments. Anyone who leaves a comment during the month of August 2009, will receive a 10% discount on the price;)

>>>>>  Click here to see this app at iTunes <<<<<